The heat of summertime has arrived and decorative rocks are hot right now in the landscape design world.  Rocks can add texture and contrast to your landscape design.  Landscaping with rocks can also create a nice focal point, similar to how a piece of jewelry sometimes starts with a beautiful large gemstone as a focal point.

Using rocks, boulders and specimen rocks in your landscape design is also a great way to have a beautiful low-maintenance garden space.  In addition, it can also be easy on the budget if you have rock slabs or boulders already on your property just waiting to be used!  Plus, rocks in the landscape take up visual space meaning you don’t need to invest in purchasing more plants for your garden or take care of them.

There are many other ways to use rocks in your landscape design.  Below are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Create a Themed Rock Garden in your Landscape Design

Here at Handy Green Landscaping, we have taken the idea of decorative rocks to new heights in the San Antonio Area.  Using special rock specimens like petrified wood and odd shaped rocks can really make a rather “vanilla” looking landscape look more dramatic.

Other drought tolerant plants like Rudbeckia, sedums, lavender and Salvia all work well in a rock garden as well.  One added bonus to landscaping with rocks here in the San Antonio TX area is that deer don’t eat rocks! Yea!  Many lawns are the perfect habitat for deer, especially large lawns that back up to a wooded area.  They love it!  

The possibilities of adding interesting landscape rocks to a garden is only limited by your imagination. For example, standing a rock upright creates instant interest at an entryway.  Or, it would. work equally well at the entrance of a driveway.  What an easy way to tell folks where your house is…..”It’s the driveway with the big rock standing up!”  Your guests will not be knocking on your neighbors door for sure.

Where should you look for interesting rocks for your landscape?  Start in my own yard.  Sometimes the perfect rock can be partially buried under some dirt or sticking out of a hillside.  Sometimes construction sites have extra rock material.  Just be aware that some construction sites do not allow you to take rock from their site so be sure and ask first if you decide to go this route.  These days, most cities have one or two stone companies with a wide selection of choices.

Your local landscape services company is also able to purchase interesting specimens for you that may not be locally available.  They would also be able to help you place it in the perfect spot and add a nice planting around it.

If you decide to add decorative rocks to your landscape design in the San Antonio area, you will be pleased at how it can transform your landscape.  If you need any help, our landscape design company is ready to help.